Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Richard De Vore @ Max Protech Gallery

I will probably write again about this artist's work once I've had a chance to sort through my photos and digest some of the material in the catalog, but I thought I would sound the call for any clay lovers out there who might be able to catch this show. Run, don't walk. It is part of a major retrospective, the other part being held simultaneously at the Cranbrook Art Museum outside Detroit, Michigan. It will continue through the rest of the summer.
It was quite by chance that I happened upon this show. The fact that I could easily have missed seeing it is quite disturbing. You see, running concurrently at Max Protech (511 W 22 St. nyc) is a fun show of Buckminster Fuller prototype objects and works from his private collection. I've been a fan for a long time, and it was with that show in mind that I went. But I digress.
De Vore passed away in 2006, and had spent time teaching at Cranbrook, winding up finally in Colorado. I felt an immediate sense of his complete devotion to idea, feeling and craft. Bringing about these forms, these surfaces was clearly no mean feat, from a technical standpoint, but the tension and balance they bring to the fore make these works a sensual delight. A major ceramic artist. Gorgeous pots.

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