Friday, July 18, 2008

Cosima Von Bonin

This piece by the Kenyan-born German artist Von Bonin was part of a truly sprawling summer show called "Painting Now and Forever, part 2" that stretched across Matthew Marks chelsea space and Greene Naftali gallery. To sum it up: too much of a good thing, and lots also of not-so-great, but what of it? I find this artist pretty interesting, and she does lots of different types of work. My friends accuse me of having a too-soft spot for anything craftsy, and if it involves tapestry or the like, even better. Guilty as charged! That said, I could say there were things about this work that I couldn't quite "get", and, of course, I need to beg your indulgence for the details-only photos. Entitled "Straight, No Chaser", it is put together beautifully from fabrics upon which you can see there are tidbits of narrative-ish embroidered scenes ( think "hookah smoking caterpillar"). How these do or don't mesh with the embroidered title, and the somewhat comical-seeming Mickey Mouse-style white puffy gloved hands are anyone's guess. I just found it fun to look at.

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