Saturday, December 31, 2011

Salem Art Works / Jordan Becker

One of the highlights of the late summer/early fall was getting to travel upstate to see Jordan's show of recent pots and visit his woofire kiln at Salem Art Works in upstate New York

John Chamberlain

The last weeks of 2011 saw the passing of the sculptor John Chamberlain, whose welded sculptures made from scrap parts of automobiles never fail to seduce with their world-weary abraded surfaces and paint colors that speak of long useful lives spent going and going more, until going no more. I think when I first saw Chamberlain's work as an art student, I may have romanticized the idea of the possible back-story of a high-speed car smash-up; " Leader Of The Pack " kind of stuff. These images from a recent show had me jazzed more by the fluidity of shapes in space, almost brushstroke-like in many instances. And this time I was the one traveling: forward, backward, around the perimeter, looking into the nooks and crannies, then doing the step-out and reverse to get the big picture again. Just the way I like to experience sculpture.

Just One Of Those Things

Sittin' on the street. A cardboard box, minding its own bizness. Bustin' out all over.

some Street Art

Quickly after the passing of Steve Jobs this fall, I happened upon this two-sided tribute on Bond Street between Bowery & Lafayette in my neighborhood. With cut strips of photos attached to opposing sides of an iron fence, one sees separate images from early and late in the life of Jobs.