Sunday, June 15, 2008

No Pennies From Heaven

When is inclement weather more than just an inconvenience? When you are glazing and getting ready to do a kiln firing, and persistent power outages force you to postpone again and again, which has been the story here at the dojo for the past week. Massive winds and heavy rains have uprooted trees all through the area. Damage to homes and other structures is pretty significant, so I'll try to temper this little pout and take a moment to think of others. Okay, back to clay issues. I seem to have fixed on one of the most fussy and labor intensive glazing schemes possible for this batch of mugs, and so I am less inclined than ever to fire until I'm sure the power won't quit on me midway. Trouble is, I tend to fire overnight, and that seems to be when a lot of these mini-interruptions occur. Maybe the power company is doing this from their end while working on all the many downed lines. Here's a shot of glazed ware ready to be fired, and some trees that will be missed.

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