Thursday, June 5, 2008

Christopher Adams @ Ricco Maresca Gallery

I first came across this artist's work about 2 years ago at the Scope Art Fair, and I remember it as a glorious hodge-podge of wildness. He is now showing this slightly more sedate wall installation as part of a group show. This work is composed of porcelain pieces that range from about 3 inches across to about 8 or so inches length for the larger ones, and the palette of bone white, black and brownish-bronze glaze color unifies things and somehow lends a posh feeling to it all. Reminds me of undersea forms, sea anemones and the like. Maybe the kind of thing you would step on in the ocean whilst vacationing and get poisoned by. Lots of nice variety. The extreme delicacy of some of the undulating tendril forms has the potter in me, inescapably, wondering what kind of attrition rate he has on these babies and what kind of scheme he has come up with to support some of the extended parts through the firing. I am afraid the glossiness of the glazes has made my photos lose a lot of the detail, unfortunately.

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