Monday, December 28, 2009

Toshiko Takaezu @ The New Jersey State Museum, Trenton

This exhibit at the State Museum honors the New Jersey potter and showcases a large number of works culled from the large donation which she made. There is a fair amount of natural light in these galleries, though the squat, boxy, 1960's feel of these spaces, with their charmless barriers and clunky, over-reflective plexiglass vitrines make it hard for the viewer to breathe with the volumes that make these pieces seem earthbound yet puffed up and buoyant at the same time. And they are definitely of the earth. The glazes are forthright, simple, bold; lots of oxide washes done with a very wide brush, or poured or splashed on. I retract my prior post's statement that the Newark show was more colorful. If I am lucky, I will get to meet this potter someday.

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NimbleBean said...

I read the NYTimes review of this show and knew I had to see it. I loved the installation. Very Asian, very Zen feeling. The pots really look great here. The plexi hoods weren't a distractoin. They're necessary to protect the ceramics.