Friday, August 1, 2008

"Paper City" @ Mixed Greens

This group show of a dozen artists focuses on paper-made objects. The 2 images above are by Mia Pearlman: an atmospheric swirling cocoon that catches the light and throws shadows in a nice way. The 2 lower images, by Andrew Scott Ross are details from an impressive and amusing floor installation of extremely intricately cut and propped up gray cardstock that pushes the positive-negative of cut paper pretty far. The overall diorama-style piece is reminiscent of the presentations in those TimeLife books about the Dawn of Man showing mastodons, neanderthals cowering in caves, discovery of fire, unclothed hominids running from sabertoothed tigers (good lluck!), etc. I have to say, I got a real kick out of this piece, and its wonderful economy of means. Most impressive of all was a video work that I couldn't photograph to show you. It is Metropolis, by Rob Carter, and chronicles a sort of urban history of Charlotte, N.C. The way the images segue into one another and the phenomenal noise-track really blew me away. This show ends August 15. Mixed Greens is at: 531 W.26 St.

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