Monday, October 26, 2009

The Art of The Samurai @ Met Museum

This exterior photo of the banner for this show, which just opened is, I guess, the only one that's really allowed. Yes, dojo-girl has once again employed stealth and subterfuge to bring sub-par photos to clay lovers everywhere. Many of the works presented here are of an extreme rarity, and the show itself has been ten years in the planning. Things that have never before left Japan, and are only very occasionally shown at home are now in nyc, so it is no surprise that photography is discouraged.
I did not photograph any of the extremely numerous sword blades, which are intense. There is also a dvd presentation showing the process by which these were forged. One good thing is that the video provides great information and isn't overlong.
If you can make it, this show really is a must-see. You will witness things of unimaginable strangeness and refinement.

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