Friday, July 24, 2009

Crista Assad @ Greenwich House Pottery

The gallery space at Greenwich House Pottery features a group show of those artists who have come to teach in their Summer Masters Series of classes. Had I been able, I would have loved to enroll in Crista Assad's weekend workshop, and it is great that GHP provides a chance to see the actual works of the potters they bring for the summer. I do not consider myself a big afficionado of the teapot form, generally, but hers have a massiveness, and lots of great detail, and are really lively, although I suspect rather heavy when filled with water, owing to their size. The glazes are really fine and nuanced; the shapes and details are in good balance. I especially liked the combination of unglazed iron-red clay with the sulphur-y yellow glaze. The tall vase uses a glassy glaze on the upper part, and a very matte, thinly applied white glaze for the lower. The ridginess of it is quite nice : again, a really obsessive attention to the details. This creamer in poppy colors didn't quite succeed for me, but it is hard not to like the shapeliness of that handle.

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