Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Midori Harima @ Honey Space nyc

This single piece, entitled NEGATIVESCAPE, occupying the dark, boxy room known as Honey Space was a sculpture made mostly out of white paper and cardboard onto which was projected an image of a carousel in shades of grey that more or less corresponded to the cutout paper shapes. The slide projector was suspended from the ceiling on thin cables in such a way that it swayed gently to and fro as air currents moved through the space. What this produced was a wavering image that did look very ghostlike. I enjoyed it immensely, as I have other events and exhibits at this venue. Honeyspace is an almost hidden spot on 11th avenue between 21st & 22nd streets, facing the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink. It is a non-commercial art space that manages to have a great spirit of fun. This piece dates back to late 2008. More updates of the goings-on at Honeyspace to come.

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