Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Altmejd @ Andrea Rosen

This group of very big, figure-ish sculptures have a sort of involved, mannerist-expressionist thing going on. Lots of materials, handled with lots of panache. I mean, I like them. Not quite so sure about the mirror/crystal thing, however. They seem to have some sort of gestural stance, like the arms-folded one that is impersonating Mr Clean. They seem to be dwelling on (and in) their issues. The one I enjoyed the best was the giant whose body was composed of many painted, or dyed-over casts of hands, because its physical made-ness was great to investigate ( colors sort of reminded me of the edible-candy necklaces we used to get at the boardwalk during summers at the jersey shore ) and because its story seemed to be potentially spooky ( Who stole my Golden Arm? ).

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